Improving learning methods has been an on-going study since a decade. Experts have found new ways to enhance learning patterns and improve retention of the learning material. One of the ways to enhance and improve learning is by testing your knowledge of a subject over and over again using preps. “Preps” are a mock exam and a great way to measure your content mastery before the final exam. Some Preps are a complete, mutil topic exam similar to the final while others are designed to assess your knowledge of a single topic.

The missing pieces…..
A final exam assesses your mastery of several knowledge domains. By taking Prep exams, you are able to identify those domains you have mastered and those that may need additional study.

Elaborative Learning Works….
Elaborative learning refers to asking the “WHY” question, this means knowing that you do not really know why helps you go back to your revision schedule again, this method is an fantastic learning motivator and helps you clear your conceptual understanding of the subject matter.

The progressive approach….
Each Prep is a single topic assessment. This methodology allows you to focus on a single knowledge domain at a time and provide deeper insight into your knowledge strengths and gaps.

Pressure is not good for all….
While some test-takers can use stress as a positive stimulation not all can, the undue pressure during your exam can sometimes impact your exam score negatively. The trick is to get used to it. Our simulated assessments look like the real thing and help you get acquainted to the real exam.

Eliminating surprises….
Even the most prepared test-taker can be easily bowled over when the exam format looks different than what was expected.. Our Preps look like the actual exam forma, eliminating these surprises and any negative performance impact as a result. It’s all about knowing your exam format really well.

The timer.....
Actual exams are executed with strict time limits. Repetition and practice are the best ways to prepare for performance under time constraints. Going through multiple Preps will help you perform efficiently and effectively during the real exam. You definitely want to have time at hand to review your final submission.

The Reality Check …..
We have all walked into an exam feeling confident and prepared, only to walk out afterwards feeling something very different. There are no consequences in taking a Prep. The feedback provided by them will provide you with an honest assessment of your knowledge mastery prior to taking the real thing.

The Drive to Revise….
Going back to your books needs real motivation, knowing you are not ready serves as a good motivational factor to send you back to your books. Preps will provide you the focus and drive to work on those topics that need additional study and attention.