Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get access to the CyberQ preps?
A: If you wish to access the CyberQ preps you can write to [email protected] and we will help you with your access.

2. How long does the order processing take?
A: The order processing may take 2-3 business days.

3. What are my payment options?
A: You can purchase this service online at our store or you can request access at any of EC-Council’s authorised training centres.

4. What is the process of activating my CyberQ account?
A: In order to activate your CyberQ account you will need to key in the activation code sent to you.

5. Is registering on the CyberQ portal mandatory to access the CyberQ preps?
A: Yes, registering on the CyberQ portal before you can activate your account is required.

6. How long is my access valid for?
A: Your access is valid for a period of 1 year from date of activation.

7. Do I have an option to extend my access?
A: Yes, you have an option to extend your access by purchasing a new activation code.

8. Will I get a reminder prior to the expiry of my access?
A: Yes, this information is displayed in your dashboard upon logging in.

9. What is the difference between the “Progressive Assessment” and “Simulated Assessment”?
A: The “Progressive Assessment” is built to test you step by step on the subject matter while the “Simulated Assessment” is created to give you a feel and experience of the real exam.

10. Do all the assessments have a restricted time period of completion?
A: No, only the “Simulated Assessment” has a restricted time period to ensure you have the experience of the real exam.

11. Can I attempt the assessments more than once?
A: Yes, you can attempt the assessment more than once as long as your access is still active.

12. Can I access my account from anywhere?
A: Yes, this service is web based and you can login to your account as per your convenience as long as you have your login credentials.

13. How does CyberQ help you prepare for the final exam?
A: CyberQ give you your “Total Readiness” to attempt the final exam.

14. How will I know which topics/ subjects I need to work on?
A: The “Progressive Assessment” assesses your readiness by topics and further sub-topics as well to give you a clear check on the areas you need to work on.

15. How does CyberQ calculate your readiness to attempt the exam?
A: The total readiness is measured with very simple calculation formulae where your performance on the “Progressive Assessment” totals to 70% of your readiness, and your performance on the “Simulated Assessment” totals the balance 30%.

16. Will my total readiness score change, should I reattempt specific sections of the test?
A: Yes, your score will be updated as and when you reattempt specific sections of the test.

17. How many questions can I see per section/ topic?
A: You will see a minimum of 10 questions per topic; these will be shuffled from time to time to measure your understanding of the subject.

18. How many topics can I see per exam title?
A: This will vary from title to title depending on the topics each specific exam contains.

19. Will I get a score card/ certificate on completing these tests?
A: No, this service is solely created to prepare you for your final exam and all attempts on this portal are for practice purpose only.

20. Will the test carry questions/ items from the real exam as well?
A: The questions are created to test your knowledge of the subject and do not intend to reveal any questions from the final exam, should there be similarities in the questions on the final exam, it will be purely unintentional.

21. Is the test content available to view offline upon download?
A: As the test is tied to a scoring pattern that defines your “Total Readiness” of the final exam the content is not available to view offline or download.

22. Does CyberQ guarantee a passing score on the final exam?
A: CyberQ helps you prepare for the final exam but in no way takes responsibility or guarantees a pass grade in anyway.

23. How can the quality of the questions/ items on CyberQ be considered good enough to prepare for the final exam?
A: CyberQ follows standard test development practices while creating content which helps build good tests. These tests and questions are contributed by Subject Matter Experts, validated psychometrically and beta tested before they can be selected to be a part of these tests.

24. How often does CyberQ check the performance of the test and ensure they are updated?
A: CyberQ performs a quarterly study on all the test content to ensure they are qualitative and current.

25. Can I request for a refund should I not find this service valuable?
A: Unfortunately, once the service is activated request for refunds will not be accepted.