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EC-Council's Autonomous, Big Data Cyber Engine.
Reinventing Cyber security Skill development and Mastery. 


Get results with CyberQ

A purpose-built Cyber Range Platform that measures and curates
cyber security skillsets for individuals, teams and organizations.





On-demand centralized hub

Instant access to comprehensive cybersecurity training and assessment in a single, easy-to-use, fully integrated dashboard. 

Hands-on cyber war gaming experience

Outpace threats using curated exercises and content for every skill level from Novice to APT Hunt and everthing in-between.

Customizable cyber-range-as-a-service

Practice and train like you fight on your own systems in a range designed for participants to prove their abilities.

Benchmarked skill measurement with big data analytics

Fully automated templated learning system that monitors and records training and assessments over time. Mapped to NIST 800-181, GHCQ, NICE/NIST, the CSWF, as well as cyber security exam domains like CEH. 


Skillfully hone your craft in a cyber world built for you.

Master practical knowledge as you challenge yourself with exercises you can spin up in seconds. Learn by doing as you meet skill objectives mapped to content and industry job frameworks.


Battle year-round with real-world threat scenario themes

Personal Skill Profile

Prove your skills and abilities to employers with your lifelong cybersecurity skillset performance records.

Custom Experience

Organizations and Educators can customize environments easily creating custom experiences ranging from single Box or file targets to complex Enterprise networks, CTF's, even Force on Force competitions


Compete with an edge

Prepare to break boundaries and claim victory.


Prepare and protect. Know you have everything covered.

CyberQ was purpose-built to be your most efficient resource so you can focus on protecting your infrastsructure.

Continually train vital cyber talent, assess your security capabilities and rapidly reduce risk to your business with CyberQ.

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Custom Lab Environment

for hands-on real-world cyber security performance-based learning.

Talent Network

Talent Network Train your employees, find and assess new talent.

The cyber security experience your students want,
the skill measurement you need.

Bring interactive, state-of-the-art cyber war gaming to your classrooms, programs and cyber clubs.

Easy, affordable, and accessible from any device - cyber skills training, competitions and assessments for individuals and teams.

Custom Lab Environment

for hands-on real-world Cyber Security performance-based Learning


for students and faculty with team member rankings


compete against other universities and earn Leaderboard Ranks

Full featured. Customizable. Gaming. On-demand.

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We wake up every day to help cyber security professional prepare and protect the future.  

Join CyberQ by EC-Council to learn, train, assess and compete using life-like simulations of real cyber-attacks in a consequence-free environment. EC-Council is the one global company that offers 28 cyber security certification programs, operates in 145 counties, with 17+ years as an industry leader.