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CyberQ's Range-as-a-Service solution provides a highly adaptable, customizable experience for anyone involved in the cybersecurity ecosystem. CyberQ caters to cybersecurity students, professionals, educators, and hiring managers. Through our Studio Partners, VARs can create amazing cyber experiences on our automated, cloud-based, cyber range platform. Experience advanced ways to learn, train, compete, and assess; and prepare better for a world full of cyber risks.

Hosting a competition with CyberQ

For anyone with experience running a cyber competition, you know the challenges and the amount of work put into ensuring players have a great experience on a cyber range that works. Cyber competitions take months of preparation time designing your target networks, establishing your equipment plan, onsite setup prep, hardware or cloud acquisition, installation, licensing, setup, player invitations, player logistics, venue logistics, moderation, and the list goes on. Today, many competitions today are coordinated with a host of excel sheets, printouts, and typically enough email to crash your servers.

On the other side, if you are an organization that outsources your cyber competitions, you know the expense and risk associated. Will the games work? Will they be challenging enough for my players? On top of the worry, the daily cost can be tremendous, and not all competitions run without problems. Sometimes teams find ways to cheat, hardware fails, power sources give out, or venue and travel problems can derail your event. The logistics can be overwhelming when your brand is on the line.

Let CyberQ take the guesswork out of running a predictable Cyber Challenge or Cyber Competition. Our team of experienced Cyber War Game competition experts and developers have over 40 years of collective experience running Cyber War Games. Let us host your cyber competition on CyberQ’s cyber range platform, whether it is a simple CTF or a complex Force-on-Force event, from start to finish.

CyberQ handles every element of the competition from player invitations, roster building, team assignment, team communications, to fully automated systems deployment for game day. We have leveraged the best, fully customized cloud options we could craft to incorporate software defined networking, VM library deployment, cloud resource allocation, Full Packet Capture, Service Checks, IPS & IDS monitoring, as well as a complete intelligent flag system, all tied back to a big data analytics platform that allows highly customizable reporting, visualization, and leaderboards, and contributes data back into persistent player profiles across multiple challenges they participate in.

Best of all, leveraging our cyber range platform - CyberQ, this can all be done at a fraction of the cost you are used to paying.

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At EC-Council, we know the road to become a Cyber Security Professional is filled with choices, and once you land that career, staying ahead of the game can be an even bigger challenge. The choices you make as a career professional have real consequences and can dramatically affect your future. You may be asking yourself, "Am I in the right role? What is the next skill I should focus on? Will I be ready to defend my organization when an attack comes? How do I keep up with all the tools and vendor solutions on the market? What do I need to do to get that next promotion?" If your entire Cyber journey is still ahead of you, you may be asking, Where do I start? Should I go for a degree? A certification? Should I compete in Cyber Competitions?"

The journey is a long one, and if we are honest, you will never fully arrive at a final destination. This field is filled with constant change, shifting technologies and advancements, and new threats and attack vectors that emerge every day. Understanding this challenge, we built CyberQ, a cutting-edge cyber range training platform, for individuals to practice real-world cyber challenges in a safe environment. Cyber Ranges have historically been exclusive to the military and large enterprise businesses that could afford a quarter to half a million-dollar technical solutions for cyber exercises and simulations. To obtain access as an individual, you would have to be assigned the responsibility and time in these robust platforms. Without the backing of a large enterprise, you could build a local lab for practice, but the challenges posed by cyber competitions, hacking target boxes and networks, and testing capabilities against emulated adversaries were exclusive to the elite. With CyberQ, we have shifted the paradigm. By design, CyberQ brings the full power of a military-grade cyber range, the complexities of enterprise systems, all while automating the entire process, making those environments accessible and affordable to a single student, professional, or curious mind for extensive cyber range training.

The Cyber Range-as-as-a Service Platform is a system of systems designed to take care of the most complex tasks of creating a target environment, assigning measurable flags and collecting meaningful analytics as you interact with the system to help you ascertain your true capabilities, areas for improvement, and your raw talent. From complex network creation, comlpete cloud orchestration, full packet capture, IDS & IPS monitoring, and critical service checks along with an intelligent flag system, CyberQ collects the key analytics on your capabilities at every level of engagement. Each time you interact with the CyberQ platform, it logs your activity, with our benchmarking algorithms measuring how you stack up to those who came before you. Are you able to break in undetected? How much network traffic did you generate compared to others? Did you trip the IDS systems? Where you able to keep critical services alive during an attack? Were you able to recover the systems from an attack and how fast? What are the areas that need work and what skills still need to be developed?

Utilizing CyberQ in conjunction with your on the job experience, degrees, training, and certification, CyberQ will serve as a continuous hands-on learning and assessment platform ensuring the next choice you make to develop your tradecraft is in fact the one that provides measurable improvement in your own skillset.

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We have all heard the cyber security stats: cybercrime is on the rise, attacks are getting more sophisticated, the cost of the average breach continues to climb, and projections for the future seem to be getting worse every time a cyber sales pitch is made. At CyberQ, we are not here to talk about the problem; it’s all around us. We are here to talk about the solution.

Employers of all sizes are asking:

  • How do we solve Cyber Security Problems?
  • How do we ensure as employers we have the right person with the right skillset in the right seat?
  • How can I tell if a candidate can actually do the job?
  • Am I investing my training funds properly?
  • Am I developing the right people for the job?
  • Can my employees protect MY network when the time comes?

Sound familiar? We know it does and at EC-Council, we firmly believe people are the ultimate solution to cyber security challenges. There is no autonomous cyber technology in the world that can guarantee absolute security. Sure, they make our jobs easier, automate repetitive tasks, and help us cut through the noise, but ultimately, without well-qualified, trained individuals to run the Cyber element of the organization, we are at the mercy of the next adversary.

CyberQ for Employers introduces a new innovative cyber range platform-based suite of features that provides employers with a guide to assessing, developing, and investing in their IT and cybersecurity staff. Skills are developed and perfected through repetition and evaluation. The chances are that the 1-week training bootcamp you send each person to every year, while valuable, is not sufficient to build true proficiency. That is where CyberQ comes in. Empower your staff with a robust, fully autonomous Skills Platform so your employees can access single target challenges, full premium certification experiences, cyber competitions, capture the flag exercises, Red vs. Blue events, and Cyber Drills hosted by your own SMEs. With a Studio account, you can even replicate your own infrastructure, bring your own servers and network topology, and ensure the environment you practice and train on is a replica of your actual production environment. Deploy real machines with real live vulnerabilities and test break/fix, patching, systems defense, system attacks, penetration testing, etc. all in a controlled environment without the consequences of on-the-job learning.

CyberQ is built not just as a cyber range, but also as a Data Analytics platform. As your staff engages these exercises, competitions, and scenarios, CyberQ Collects a host of metrics around their interaction with the system. Beyond just points, we track traffic generated, attacks deployed, critical services, IDS alerts, and your employees’ benchmarked performance against their peers and other industry professionals. This data in aggregate provides the employer with enough metrics and analytics that tie to industry frameworks, courses, job role frameworks, and their identified Knowledge Skills and abilities to make informed decisions about their current Cyber Team profile, the capability of a potential candidate, and where to invest training dollars for teams or individuals.

CyberQ gives you the gauges and measurements required to make the right decision, at the right time, for the right people so that when that attack comes, you have the right person, with the right skills, in the right seat.

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Educators are the solution to the workforce pipeline gap, but all educators face similar challenges when it comes to teaching Cyber Security. Traditional education methods and outdated low-cost textbooks and simulators fall short of the critical task of creating job-ready graduates. Financial pressures to keep tuition rates affordable lead to compromises in the education technologies and materials selected. Often times, professors struggle to keep up with the ever-changing field of cyber to keep their classrooms current and relevant. These challenges, coupled with increasing demand and expectations from students and prospective employers, often leave educators between a rock and hard place as they try to build robust programs yet keep them affordable. It is with consideration to the challenges faced by educators that we built CyberQ.

Imagine having affordable, adaptive Education technology that met each student individually at their current level and could adapt its difficulty to train the novice and challenge the expert alike. Imagine having the power of a military grade cyber range platform, Fully licensed Operating Systems and Cyber Tools right in the classroom, or better yet, available anywhere with an internet connection. Your students can engage the CyberQ platform from anywhere with an internet connection and the learning doesn’t stop when class is over, making it ideal for remote learning environments.

Our CyberQ team through EC-Council has worked with over a thousand Educators across the globe to help build cyber programs, enhance curriculum, and incorporate industry certifications into degree programs in order to create job-ready graduates tosolve the workforce pipeline challenge. Through these relationships, we have listened to the challenges of some of the best cyber security faculty and thought leaders in the market. CyberQ was built with our education partners in mind.

CyberQ as a cyber range-as-a-service training platform, completely automates the process of standing up cyber ranges, individual and team exercises, as well as cyber competitions supporting capture-the-flag events, force on force competitions, Red Vs. Blue, red only, as well as red & blue (Purple) competitions. We have designed the platform on the heels of nearly 20 years’ experience in running Cyber Wargaming exercises to ensure you can focus on knowledge and skill transfer as opposed to having to focus on the technology that enables those. As an educator, trainer, and mentor, your job is to guide and teach — not build cyber ranges. Leave that to us with CyberQ! See a Demo

If you’re looking to customize your program and deliver on the most robust Cloud cyber range solution on the market, we’ve got you covered with CyberQ Studio. In addition to premium certification and training experiences, target ranges, CTF’s, and Cyber Competitions, we built CyberQ to be a tool for our more capable partners to showcase the best of their abilities. With CyberQ Studio, your Institution will have the same power as the puzzle designers and experience engineers at EC-Council. With a comprehensive library of base VMs, nearly any operating system you can dream of, and our simple, intuitive Software Defined Network designer, CyberQ gives you the power to create your own targets, your own flags, your own networks, and ultimately, a highly customized, curated student experience.

In addition to unprecedented customization capability, our Patent Pending Flag Assignment, relationship, and Analytics system will provide you with a level of intelligence on your students you’ve never had before. We have custom designed a relationship database system that maps courses, modules, tasks, as well as industry frameworks such as the NICE/NIST framework at the individual flag level to each skill, knowledge, or ability. Students who engage your challenges will be measured against related course objectives or job role expectations based on industry frameworks providing you with more than points, more than completion metrics on a transcript, but complete data sets around how well a student is grasping concepts, how well they assimilate that knowledge, how good they are at applying what they have learned in real scenarios, and how all of that maps back to your course or the industry framework of concern. As an educator, you can benchmark student performance against other students in the class, or seasoned Cyber Professionals that have challenged the same content.

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