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A continuous hands-on learning and assessment
platform for cybersecurity professionals

An individual’s cyber journey is a long one and if we are being honest, you will never fully arrive at a destination.

This field is filled with constant change, shifting technologies and advancements, new threats and attack vectors emerge every day. Understanding this challenge, we built CyberQ for you, the individual.

  • Skills Challenges
  • Competitions
  • Learning
  • Self-Assessment

Claim victory on your path to
cybersecurity mastery

COMING Spring of 2021!

Battle year-round in Four themed Competition Seasons as you fight it out in the world’s best Cyber Range with Individual and Teams Competitions.

CyberQ offers of all levels of competition. From basics to intermediate and advanced CTF challenges, participants have multiple opportunities to stake their claim in areas as they excel.

By design, CyberQ brings the full power of a military grade Cyber Range, the complexities of enterprise systems and automates the entire process making those environments accessible, and affordable to the individual.

CyberQ Range

On-demand practice challenges and guides to help you continuously navigate your skill development, assess your capabilities and reveal relevant risks.

Team Competitions

Compete with other members of your team against all the teams in CyberQ, even teams from your organization. Performance in the Team Competition is used to calculate your organization’s CyberQ Leaderboard Ranking.

Individual Competitions

Performance in the Individual Competition is used to calculate your CyberQ Leaderboard Ranking.

CyberQ Report

After each Competition, ranked participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and a CyberQ Report with a breakdown of their skillsets, as compared to other participants and industry frameworks, to use as a resource when applying for employment or internships.

Utilizing CyberQ in conjunction with your On the Job Experience, Education, Degrees, Training, and Certification, CyberQ will serve as a continuous hands-on learning and assessment platform ensuring the next choice you make to develop your tradecraft, is in fact, one that provides measurable improvement in your own skillset.

CyberQ - transforming what it means
to compete, to be a fan, and even what it means to be a sport.