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Employers, rapidly upskill & reduce risk

CyberQ for Employers introduces a new robust platform-based suite of
features that provides employers with a guide to assessing,
developing, and investing in their IT and cyber security staff.

Empower your staff with a robust, fully autonomous Skills Platform. Your employees can run through single target challenges, full premium certification experiences, participate in cyber competitions, capture the flag exercises, Red vs. Blue events, and Cyber Drills hosted by your own SMEs.

With a Studio account, you can even replicate your own infrastructure, bring your own servers, your own network topology and ensure the environment you practice and train on is a replica of your actual production environment.

  • Bring your own Networks and Machines
  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Team Analysis
  • Cyber Drills
  • Job Role Screening and Assessment
  • Training Investment Assessment

Transform your cybersecurity operations
like never before.

With a purpose-built Cyber Range Platform that measures curated cybersecurity skillsets for individuals, teams, and all those involved in developing and managing your talent pipeline.

By design, CyberQ brings the full power of a military grade Cyber Range, the complexities of enterprise systems and automates the entire process making those environments accessible, and affordable to the individual.

Custom Lab

A customizable, fully automated, templated environment that delivers everything from simple single VM exercises, to Capture-the-Flag exercises, up to complex, multi-tiered network competitions between Red and Blue cyber teams.

CyberQ Report

Robust data analytics of individual skill deficiencies and strengths provides visibility of your entire cyber team’s capability, in ways not available in any other platform on the market.

Patent Pending System

CyberQ’s patent pending system incorporates full packet capture, IDS, service checking, and hardware monitoring capability all of which reports to a persistent Learning Record Store (LRS) by individual experience.

Talent Network

Train your employees and assess new talent based on your organization’s risk analysis and cybersecurity strategy.

CyberQ is built not just as a Cyber Range, but also as a Data Analytics platform. As your staff engages these exercises, competitions, and scenarios, CyberQ Collects a host of metrics around their interaction with the system, beyond just points, we track traffic generated, attacks deployed, critical services, IDS alerts, and your employees benchmarked performance against their peers and other industry professionals.

Skill Up Remotely

Know you have everything covered with CyberQ