Looking for CyberQ Exam Prep?

Develop advanced Cyber Range
capabilities in-house, without the
headache of owning a range.

Members will receive the same development access as EC-Council Cyber
Exercise Engineers

Looking to Monetize your Studio Content? Studio members can elect to offer their experiences on the CyberQ Marketplace. EC-Council is engaged with millions of cyber security professionals spanning over 140 countries, with ties into many of the major educators, governments, and militaries of the world.

Offering your experiences through the CyberQ Marketplace will increase your reach into EC-Council’s global customer base and make your content available to students, IT professionals, educators, companies, associations, and government entities alike.

  • Custom Content
  • Solution showcase
  • Demo Environment
  • Custom Bug Bounty
  • Content monetization

CyberQ Studio is ideal for organizations looking to develop advanced Cyber Range
capabilities in-house without the headache of owning a range.

  • CyberQ was designed with analytics and reporting in mind: as flags are created on targets, they are tagged and cataloged in our CyberQ Experience Designer to map those flags to critical skills, job role requirements, and education content.
  • As a CyberQ Studio Member, EC-Council-designed content is available to license at a significant discount providing you with hundreds of specially crafted targets and user and root level flags across a host of machines.

Custom Lab

A customizable, fully automated, templated system to train and assess your students on everything from simple single VM exercises, to Capture-the-Flag exercises, up to complex, multi-tiered network competitions between Red and Blue cyber teams.

Patent Pending System

CyberQ’s patent pending system incorporates full packet capture, IDS, service checking, and hardware monitoring capability all of which reports to a persistent Learning Record Store (LRS) by individual experience.


Battle year-round in real-world cyber threat competitions. Earn leaderboard rankings as you advance against other students and teams.

CyberQ Report

Robust data analytics of individual skillsets compared to all other participants and job mapping frameworks serve as a capability validation resource to provide potential employers and internship programs.

CyberQ Benchmark Program

Whether you are looking to build targets, target systems, a complete enterprise network, a digital city, a cyber battlefield, CTF competition, or a full Force-on-Force Red vs. Blue Cyber Exercise, CyberQ Studio has you covered.

Join our CyberQ Benchmark Program and help set the bar in cyber education and skills development! Change the cybersecurity workforce paradigm with exclusive benefits.

  • Full development access on the platform.
  • $25,000 in CyberQ Platform Credits.
  • Our expert guidance, training, and support.