CyberQ Studio Benchmark

Create Your Own Cyber Experiences with $25,000 in Studio Credits

CyberQ’s Studio Benchmark program offers Educators and Cybersecurity Vendors the tools, resources, and training necessary to ramp up their cyber range offerings.

Start Building Next-Generation Cyber Exercises with Full Development Access and Key Enabling Benefits

The CyberQ Studio Benchmark provides potential CyberQ Studio partners with a variety of unique benefits, including CyberQ Studio Credits, Full Developer Accounts, and Cloud Range time, storage, and training to kick off your CyberQ Studio. The Benchmark program is designed to enable our qualified partners with the right amount of credits and training to build a fully functioning cybersecurity skills offering, including all the resources and technologies needed to build cyber exercises, competitions, CTFs, and Force-on-Force competitions, with no financial investment required.

Build Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Skills Offerings with the CyberQ Benchmark Program

CyberQ Platform Tokens

$25,000 in CyberQ Platform Tokens will automatically be applied to your Studio account for testing, proof of concept, and development time. All experiences designed can be tested internally and run at no cost throughout the development phase.

CyberQ Studio Training

Learn how to skillfully craft next-gen cyber exercises, labs, and competitions from our CyberQ Engineers. Whether you are creating software/platform demonstrations and training, industry-specific challenges, exercises, or complete cyber competitions, our team of experts will be there to guide you through the platform requirements and design pedagogy required to create compelling experiences that raise the bar in cyber training, education, and assessment.

CyberQ Platform Support

Receive one-on-one mentoring and guidance as well as developer support from our Cloud Range experts, including best practices, design guidance, and best-of-breed solutions to accomplish even the toughest of challenges.

CyberQ Marketplace

Studios can not only save on the cost of experience delivery for themselves, but also setup residual income streams through the CyberQ Marketplace.

CyberQ Marketplace

Monetize your Knowledge, Globally

Prevail Over Existing Challanges in the Cybersecurity Ecosystem

We engineered CyberQ considering our Educator and Cybersecurity Vendor partners in mind. With the CyberQ Studio Benchmark program, you will get complete development access on the industry’s most advanced Cyber Range Platform-as-a-service.

  • Single and Multi-Target Experiences

  • Cyber Competitions

  • Skill based Flag Management

  • Course and Exercise Management

  • Exercise Library

  • Access to the Global CyberQ Marketplace

  • Full Cloud Orchestration with 24/7 Web Access

  • Persistent Cyber Skills Profile

  • Big Data Analytics Engine with Deep Efficiency Metrics

  • Pay-as-you-use Pricing Models

We Are Out to Change the Way Cyber Skills Are Developed, Measured, and Assessed

CyberQ is an intelligent platform that leverages framework-based education, cloud computing capability, and big data analytics to provide meaningful experiences and skills measurement. Individuals and organizations alike can develop cybersecurity skills Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Open.

Take a look at our Cyber Skill Development Methodology

If you or your organization have what it takes to make a difference for Infosec professionals around the world; if you can design experiences, educational content, cyber competitions, challenges, and targets, apply for the CyberQ Studio Benchmark Program. We will invest up to $25,000 to help you get started.

If you qualify, there will be no startup cost, no hidden fees, no “gotcha!”, and no obligations. Our team at CyberQ will be happy to walk you through the details and explain this opportunity.