CyberQ Studio Benchmark

How CyberQ Enables Cyber Skill Development

CyberQ Develops Cyber Skills — Better, Faster, Cheaper, and Open. Let’s break that down a bit…

Better Cyber Skills

We offer a better approach to cyber skill development through a proven method to establish skills mastery. CyberQ is a purpose-built platform designed to Train, Practice, Assess, and Execute. We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect”. (read more)

In cybersecurity, practicing Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures in a controlled environment ensures that you and your staff get exposed to the destructive nature of cyberattacks before you face them in a live setting where consequences can be detrimental to your organization, or even human life. Our approach to build a Cyber Range with a data analytics engine provides the capability of benchmarking performance. It is no longer about right or wrong, it is statistically about what works and what doesn’t. Acquiring skills and measuring against benchmarks can mean the difference between winning and losing, and at this point we all know the cost of losing the cybersecurity battle.

Faster Skill Development

CyberQ provides outcome-based experiences with the result in mind. Start levelling up your cyber skills from Day 1. Traditional approaches to training and education rely heavily on a one-size-fits-all approach. Every student receives the same program, (read more)

same education, same labs, same assignment, and ultimately, the same paper for achievement. In most cases, some form of writ memorization is used to assess the student. Many programs are out of date, and in the field of cybersecurity, programs may be out of date before the authors even complete their design. With CyberQ, students can baseline their knowledge, but the true measurement comes from performance — were you able to defend your organization from an incoming cyberattack, were you able to find and repair the vulnerabilities before they were exploited by the enemy? CyberQ as a platform allows individuals and teams to hone in on specific skills, mapped back to frameworks, job roles, and their related education paths to focus on critical skills gaps.


Cyber ranges that rival the capability of CyberQ start with six-figure price tags and their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) only climbs from there. Acquiring, building, and maintaining a cyber range that can perform as a training tool, a home for your Cyber Drills, (read more)

a host for Cyber Competitions, and a Content Engine to house experiences is one thing, but the engineering requirements, cloud architecture, on-premises equipment investments, licensing, power, and remote access management are all considerations whether you have one cyber operator or a team of hundreds. After operating online cybersecurity education technologies on a global scale for nearly 15 years, we have mastered the art form of shared responsibility. While on-prem options are available, CyberQ shines as a Platform-as-a-Service offering. Our pricing model allows you to only pay for what you use, reducing the per head cost from thousands of dollars to just a few dollars an hour to start. Our pricing structure mirrors that of cloud provider pricing, which is based on utilization to ensure you maximize your budget and only have to pay for what you use. Expensive items like platform licenses, operating system licenses, target development, etc., are all taken care of at the core either through scaled data center approaches or in partnership with global leaders that are working with EC-Council's CyberQ to revitalize the workforce.

Open Platform

Cybersecurity learning should not be limited to a specific tool, vendor, technology, or method. It was with this in mind that we built CyberQ as an open platform. We welcome all vendors, educators, students, and professionals to the platform. Through our Studio model, security vendors, hardware manufacturers, software developers, educators, and challenge creators can all have a level playing field, with a full function cyber range as their canvas. What once took millions of dollars in investments and a lifetime of experience — as well as a capability not readily available to most — is now the common capability of our baseline platform. CyberQ handles nearly every facet of delivering a full range of cyber experiences, including:

  • Cloud-Range Orchestration

  • Virtualization

  • User Management

  • Event Creation

  • Target Creation

  • Flag Creation

  • Flag Mapping

  • Template Storage

  • Course Creation

  • Framework Creation

While our platform does the heavy lifting of cyber event management and orchestration, our Studios are able to spin up comprehensive experiences and competitions in a matter of minutes.

To fix the cybersecurity workforce challenge, we must provide its stakeholders and participants with the tools to succeed. We believe the CyberQ platform is that tool.


CyberQ as a platform is open to qualified partners, AKA Studios, who wish to utilize the power of CyberQ to curate their own custom experiences and competitions.

As a Studio, you will be able to create custom targets, the flags that go with them, and arrange them into experiences. These can either serve as education experiences or cyber competitions structured as Capture the Flag (CTF) or Team-based competitions, Red vs. Blue, or even Red and Blue, known as purple teaming.

Whether you are an educator looking at serving a broad base of students, or an organization looking to build custom experiences that replicate your own internal environment, CyberQ Studio puts the full capability of the CyberQ platform in your hands.

Studios can optionally participate in the CyberQ Marketplace and offer their experiences up through a digital commerce platform. CyberQ players are able to redeem tokens for experiences, resulting in residual revenue lines for Studio accounts on a global scale. We offer an unprecedented 50/50 net revenue share to all Studios, creating a high-value revenue opportunity for any developer or educator looking to monetize their efforts.

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